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Ariel Smith
Filmmaker/Media Artist/Critical Thinker
1,2,3 knockup
2006/4min 9sec/DV

1,2,3 Knockup approaches the terrifying symbiotic relationship
resulting from an unwanted pregnancy as well as the equally
terrifying symbiotic relationship resulting from a young girl suddenly
having her own sexuality thrust upon her . In both cases the
cohabitation of the body is oppressive and unpleasant. Two
organisms living with each other in a sort of parasitism. The roles of
host and parasite however are interchanging and ambiguous with
one element often presenting itself as the other.

Saviour Complex
2008/16mm/4min 43sec

Saviour Complex examines the shifting power dynamics between a
young street level sex trade worker and her 3 clients. Visceral,
and disturbing, Saviour Complex drags us into a surrealist, cinematic
nightmare .High contrast black and white cinematography, stylized
sets, and a rhythmic soundscape help to set an overall dark and
expressionistic tone

To All the Boys I've Loved Before


Surrealist imagery and tongue in cheek symbolism address the
heteronormative privilege awarded to attached women,
contrasted with the feelings of longing and inadequacy
experienced by women without a man to love them. A girl sits
within her gothic fairytale confines, waiting for the phone to ring...
A darkly humorous, stylish examination of why he never calls
when he says he’ll call and a gentle reminder to stop giving a f****.

Dear Diary
2009/Super8mm/3min 45sec

He loves me... He loves me not... One woman’s boredom,
loneliness, and active imagination make for a sardonic, reversal of
the male gaze through a tale of longing and sensual escapism.

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